Our First Drink: Conversations w/ Interesting Couples on Marriage, Relationships, Dating, Business & Social Media + Advice

Hosted by Josh Haroldson and Stasia Haroldson, each episode of the Our First Drink Podcast shares the real story behind an interesting, creative, or entrepreneurial couple that are doing great things together in business, blogging, design, entrepreneurship, social media and more. Always starting with one simple question, “What was your first drink together?”, you’ll get a deep dive into where they were in their lives when their relationship started. Then, through the unique questions of the Our First Drink Couple’s Quiz, you’ll see how they make their relationship work today and why it has supported their success. Plus, every question and answer is guaranteed to get you thinking about what they mean for your own relationships (sometimes in unexpected ways). Our guests include couples you already know and others you'll be meeting for the first time, but every episode is an opportunity for you to learn how to recognize a great partner when you meet them and to keep that relationship healthy long into the future from some amazing people.
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Our First Drink: Conversations w/ Interesting Couples on Marriage, Relationships, Dating, Business & Social Media + Advice



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Nov 17, 2015

Welcome to the very first episode of the Our First Drink Podcast! Today’s episode shares the story of Ann and Kai Martin whose nearly 10 year relationship has helped support multiple businesses, traveling around the country, and was all started with an unexpected, one-wheeled vehicle.

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About Ann and Kai Martin

Ann and Kai are one of those couples that you watch for 5 minutes and just totally get what they’re about. They’re a super creative duo that work hard and support each other unwaveringly. They have a lot of humor in their relationship and we love how they can just laugh and be goofy together through everything.

Stasia has known Ann since elementary school in Minnesota. In fact, they actually attended the same school every year, including college at Iowa State, where they both met Josh and Kai. Because of that, both Josh and Stasia had the pleasure of witnessing a lot of the start of their relationship, including some great stories.

Ann Martin is an entrepreneur who runs an amazing boutique event production company called Reve in Madison, WI and she absolutely KILLS the events she plans – we’re talking everything from couture fashion shows to immaculate weddings to community bike-in movie nights.

Kai Martin has had a great career that’s taken him all around the country. We consider Kai to be a true renaissance man – photographer, singer, and mountain biker. He does it all.

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • How a unicycle played a pivotal role in their relationship.
  • How they balance careers that kept them apart for long stretches.
  • What a new baby means for their relationship.
  • Why it was easy for them to both pursue their dreams at the same time.
  • Who is the CEO and who is the COO in their relationship.

OFD Couples Quiz

  • Are you the first people to leave the party or the last person to leave?
  • Are you introverts or extroverts?
  • Who is the CEO and who is the COO of your relationship?
  • If you’re on a hike do you stick to the trail or do you wander off and explore?
  • What is your least favorite household chore?

Where was their first drink?

Stomping Grounds Cafe in Ames, IA

Episode Notes:

00:00: Stasia cracks herself up.
00:49: Why we started Our First Drink.
01:00: We got married at an Apple Orchard. There was a massive bonfire. And a cow train. It was awesome.
03:10: Seriously, google image search kite.
04:15: Learn more about Rêve Boutique Event Production.
04:30: Kai has literally done RAGBRAI on a unicycle.
05:11: Interview Start.
26:15: The Our First Drink Couples Quiz
36:40: Interview End.


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Special thanks Ann and Kai Martin for being our first guests and thank you for joining us on the start of this journey!


Josh and Stasia

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