Our First Drink: Conversations w/ Interesting Couples on Marriage, Relationships, Dating, Business & Social Media + Advice

Hosted by Josh Haroldson and Stasia Haroldson, each episode of the Our First Drink Podcast shares the real story behind an interesting, creative, or entrepreneurial couple that are doing great things together in business, blogging, design, entrepreneurship, social media and more. Always starting with one simple question, “What was your first drink together?”, you’ll get a deep dive into where they were in their lives when their relationship started. Then, through the unique questions of the Our First Drink Couple’s Quiz, you’ll see how they make their relationship work today and why it has supported their success. Plus, every question and answer is guaranteed to get you thinking about what they mean for your own relationships (sometimes in unexpected ways). Our guests include couples you already know and others you'll be meeting for the first time, but every episode is an opportunity for you to learn how to recognize a great partner when you meet them and to keep that relationship healthy long into the future from some amazing people.
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Our First Drink: Conversations w/ Interesting Couples on Marriage, Relationships, Dating, Business & Social Media + Advice



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Mar 20, 2016

We're back! Sort of. After 9 episodes in a row to launch the podcast we decided to take a short break to recuperate. But in between recording interviews for "Season 2", Josh got inspired to write something while watching our beloved Iowa State Cyclones during March Madness.

These shorter episodes are something we'll be doing from time to time in the future. Sometimes they'll be essays and other times they'll just be a quick chat between Stasia and I.

Don't worry though, our interviews aren't going anywhere. We've got some great ones already in the can! 

In this episode

  • Why Josh and Stasia love March Madness.
  • Cat football jerseys from your alma mater.
  • The importance of choosing a great college even if you don't use your degree.
  • All the reason's Josh loves Iowa State.
  • The best decision of my life.

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Josh and Stasia

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