Our First Drink: Conversations w/ Interesting Couples on Marriage, Relationships, Dating, Business & Social Media + Advice

Hosted by Josh Haroldson and Stasia Haroldson, each episode of the Our First Drink Podcast shares the real story behind an interesting, creative, or entrepreneurial couple that are doing great things together in business, blogging, design, entrepreneurship, social media and more. Always starting with one simple question, “What was your first drink together?”, you’ll get a deep dive into where they were in their lives when their relationship started. Then, through the unique questions of the Our First Drink Couple’s Quiz, you’ll see how they make their relationship work today and why it has supported their success. Plus, every question and answer is guaranteed to get you thinking about what they mean for your own relationships (sometimes in unexpected ways). Our guests include couples you already know and others you'll be meeting for the first time, but every episode is an opportunity for you to learn how to recognize a great partner when you meet them and to keep that relationship healthy long into the future from some amazing people.
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Our First Drink: Conversations w/ Interesting Couples on Marriage, Relationships, Dating, Business & Social Media + Advice



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Nov 24, 2015

This episode of the Our First Drink Podcast is all about finding ways to incorporate kindness and generosity into your life and relationship.

Our guests for this episode, Ryan and Samantha Birkicht, are the founders of After moving to Madison, WI Ryan was frustrated by the hurdles he kept running into with volunteering so Samantha encouraged Ryan to start something himself.

Now, with Operation Generosity they encourage people to look for small ways to incorporate giving back into their every day lives through monthly “Kindness Challenges”.

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In this episode

  • The story behind Ryan and Samantha’s first drink at a VERY early age.
  • How their relationship provide some much needed healing after a family tragedy.
  • Lessons they’ve learned about the importance of being patient.
  • What they do to practice kindness every day in their relationship.
  • The Our First Drink Kindness Challenge (See below for more)

OFD Couples Quiz Questions

  1. If you have to be somewhere at 7PM what time do you arrive at?
  2. Pass the ball or take the last shot?
  3. Map or no map?
  4. Who is the straight man and who is the comedian?
  5. Would you rather host the party or attend the party?

About Samantha and Ryan Birkicht

Ryan works for Saris Cycling Group here in Madison as the Marketing Communications and Engagement manager. He was named a member of the2015 InBusiness 40 Under 40 for his work in Marketing and Volunteering. Samantha is the assistant director at La Petite Academy and was previously the assistant volleyball coach at UW Platteville. Together they are the co-founders of Operation Generosity.

The Our First Drink Kindness Challenge!

To participate in the OFD Kindness Challenge, all you need to do is:

  1. Find something nice that you can do for someone special in your life like your spouse, your partner, boyfriend, girlfriend or even just a friend.
  2. Do it!
  3. Leave a comment at to tell us what you did.
  4. You can also share your story on social media using the hashtag #OFDKindness.

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